5 Tips for Selling Metro Area New Jersey Real Estate

Selling premium New Jersey real estate takes careful consideration. Potential buyers of high-end real estate on this side of New York City’s metropolitan area are typically looking for specific features, and the market is seeing a rapid increase in real estate development to accommodate them.

What does that mean to you as a seller?

You can still command top-dollar for your property, despite the increasing supply of market options. But it has become crucial to plan your marketing carefully. Here are some key things to keep in mind.

1. Assemble an Experienced Team

There are more than 27,000 real estate agents in the metro area, yet only a few who are steeped in the Hudson County markets. To position your property effectively, you will need an agent who understands the neighborhood and why it is attractive. One who understands the buyers, and who can assemble a team of professionals, from lawyers to stagers, to do what needs to be done with minimum hassle.

2. Know Your Potential Buyers

Buyers are most likely to seek out your property for specific reasons, and those reasons can help you develop a profile of potential buyers that can inform every decision you make along the way. For example, is your property in an excellent school district? You will attract interest from families with children. Are you close to a commuter line? Hard-working professionals may be your key market. Close to bars, shops and entertainment? Young singles or childless couples may be your biggest draw.


3. Stage Your Property for Your Key Market

If your key market includes families with kids, stage extra rooms as kids’ bedrooms and maybe a playroom. If it’s young adults, consider staging the same types of rooms as exercise rooms or theater spaces. If working professionals are what you are after, stage at least one tastefully decorated office.


4. Find Something Special in Your Property — Or Create It

If your living room commands a view across the Hudson to the Empire State Building, your sales pitch is pretty obvious. If your property is a bit more understated, you might want get creative. Have an empty flat roof? Consider fitting it with a grill, patio furniture and other details to turn it into an outdoor entertainment space. If any interior room is uniquely wired or can be plumbed for such things as ultra-high-speed Internet, a bar or other luxuries, be sure to highlight it with your staging and point it out in your marketing.


5. If You Can’t Stage, Be Flexible on Price and Highlight Possibilities

It’s understandable if you don’t want to go through the time and effort to declutter your things, live in an immaculately staged house and possibly pay for some renovations to prep for a top-dollar sale. Buyers, however, will expect the best properties to be nearly, if not fully, move-in ready, so you may have to give a bit on price to move your place if you can’t bring it up to sparkling condition. If that’s the case, make sure your agent can highlight the possibilities of the property and point out the price advantages you are offering for having the buyer, rather than you, bring the possibilities to full fruition.

Of course, setting the right price, identifying the right buyers and staging for them requires an experienced professional touch. Before you list, let the seasoned professionals of Pure Properties show you how they can partner with you to bring your deal to an optimum conclusion.


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