Hiring an Office Renovation Contractor: What You Need to Know

Planning and executing an office renovation is hard enough. Between sourcing a temporary workspace for your employees and obtaining the necessary permits, the last thing you want is to waste time micromanaging your office renovation contractor. Use the following tips to make sure that you hire the best office renovation contractor for the job.


Be clear with your purpose and vision.

Office renovation contractors will be bidding based on the outline of your project. If you don’t provide a clear purpose and vision for your office renovation, contractors won’t be able to accurately quote the project. When the brief isn’t clear, some contractors will provide the cheapest quote possible with plans to charge you more later. The onus is on you to explain your office renovation project as clearly as possible in order to get the most accurate quotes.


Choose an experienced specialist.

Your home contractor probably lacks the experience or expertise necessary to take on a commercial project. There are loads of contractors in New York that are dedicated to commercial work and have decades of experience successfully completing projects. When gathering quotes, ask for examples and references. Don’t take their word for it, either. Escape from your desk and go see their work in person.


Do your homework.

No contractor is going to give you references for projects where things went wrong. That’s why it’s up to you to go online and dig deeper into your preferred office renovations contractor. Google the company name, check the Better Business Bureau and make sure the contractor is licensed for work in  your area. Since work will be carried out on your premises, you should also check that the contractor is appropriately insured.


Get your contractor involved ASAP.

If you’ve chosen the right office renovation contractor, they’ll be able to offer advice right from the start. Whether getting help with planning permission or advice on your budget, an experienced contractor can help you set realistic targets and expectations that they’re confident of meeting.


Put everything in writing.

Once you’ve agreed on the direction and scope of the work, make sure that you put everything in writing in the form of a Scope of Work. This is a formal written document that accounts for everything required to complete your project. It doesn’t just act as a guide for your office renovation contractor, it holds them accountable, too.


Use an award-winning contractor.

Our sister company, Dixon Projects, has won multiple awards for their renovation work and has completed their own stellar office renovation. In addition to winning the Jersey City Landmark Preservation award on multiple occasions and being named a Rising Star during the 2015 ANCHIN Construction Awards, the Team also scooped up 12 American Institute of Building Design awards at the August 2017 ceremony. Your office could be their next award-winning project. 


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