NYC Acquisition Services: How it Works

Whether you’re searching for the perfect family home or an investment property, diving into one of the world’s most competitive markets can be exhausting. Meeting dozens of agents only to see property after property slip away can make even a seasoned investor feel like quitting. Let’s face it, acquiring NYC property is tough, but our partners at Dixon Projects are here to help buyers level the playing field.

Dixon Projects simplifies the buying process for residential buyers and property investors through their NYC acquisition services. Here’s how it works:


1. Dixon Projects works for you, the buyer.

Unlike most real estate agents, they exclusively help you, the buyer, by tailoring everything they do to your needs and budget. They don’t show you homes you can’t afford or use selling strategies to persuade you to buy a property that doesn’t suit your needs. In short, Dixon Projects put you first.


2. Plan and execute your custom plan of action.

After your free consultation, Dixon Projects will create an in-depth plan of action aimed at expediting timelines and simplifying the entire process. Once approved by you, they will use the plan to shortlist some properties for your viewing. Since 2011, they’ve assessed more than 6,000 properties for potential purchase and completed more than 700 residential property purchases. Dixon Projects knows how to find properties in a competitive market and how to close them, too.


3. Renovate and rent the property with the help of Dixon Projects.

If you’ve left room in your budget to renovate the property after purchase, Dixon Projects can help with that as well. Dixon Projects has always focused primarily on delivering a bespoke design and construction service, and their commitment to transparency and quality will ensure that your renovation adds as much value as possible. If you bought the property as an investment, they can also provide a full property management service. Dixon Projects has leased and managed more than 2,000 properties across New York and New Jersey since 2011 and want to help you bring in substantial rental income.

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Ready to make home-buying a breeze? Arrange your free consultation with Dixon Projects today.