North Bergen Real Estate: Top 5 Things to Know About the Neighborhood

Nestled in New Jersey’s Hudson County lies North Bergen, a quiet and unassuming township. While its neighbors to the south, New Jersey and Hoboken, are hitting real estate headlines and attracting New Yorkers in droves, North Bergen is staying off the radar. And that’s just the way residents like it. That’s not to say that they won’t welcome you with open arms if you make the move—the sense of community is one of North Bergen’s major selling points. But is it the right move for you? Here are the top things to know about life in North Bergen.


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1. It’s a small town next to the big city.

Do you find yourself wishing for a quieter life but are afraid of missing out by being too far from the big city? North Bergen may be the answer you’re looking for. Compared to Manhattan and even other parts of New Jersey, the township is safe, affordable and friendly.


2. There’s plenty of room for activities.

James J. Braddock is and was the pride of North Bergen. Braddock shocked the boxing world when he became the world heavyweight champion in 1935. A local hero, the North Hudson Country Park was named in his honor and is the perfect place to get active outside. The park boasts 167 acres in total, including a dog run and 45 sports facilities. For those who like a tougher challenge, hard hikes and calf-burning bike rides can be found just up Palisades Interstate Pkwy. The Palisades Interstate Park has 30 miles of glorious riverfront trails and great views of Manhattan.

3. NoHu is the SoHo of Jersey.

Along with Weehawken, Union City, West New York and Guttenberg, North Bergen is part of North Jersey—recently dubbed NoHu. Move to the township and you’ll soon see why NoHu is considered the SoHo of Jersey. The area is home to hundreds of performing and fine arts artists with exhibitions always close by.

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4. Make a bus pass your first purchase.

While North Bergen may lack the direct routes into NYC that benefit some other areas of New Jersey, public transport is still exceptional. In North Bergen, bus is the way to travel. A string of bus routes connect the entire township making every area easily accessible. You’ll probably never be further than a few hundred yards from a bus stop. You can also catch the Light Rail from Tonnelle Avenue which puts you in touching distance of the rest of Hudson County.

5. ¿Tienes hambre? Tuck into authentic Latin cuisine.

North Bergen has an eclectic mix of nationalities and there is a strong Latin American community. That means tacos and Cuban sandwiches are always on the menu. We recommend Rumba Cubana on 45th Street for a taste of Cuba, and Sabor for the seafood tapas. Wash it all down with a mojito at Havana Rum Room, where there are 35 rums for you to enjoy.


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