Bergen-Lafayette Real Estate: 4 Things to Know About the Neighborhood

It’s rare that you get a fantastic deal when it comes to New York or New Jersey real estate. By investing in Bergen-Lafayette real estate, you get two neighborhoods for the price of one.

Move to the area, and you won’t see any divisions between these two historically separate neighborhoods. But what you will see may surprise you. Forget your hang-ups of living on the “wrong side” of the Hudson, Bergen-Lafayette has a whole lot to offer. Here are four things you need to know about the neighborhood.


Location is everything.

The west side of Bergen-Lafayette borders Liberty State Park. This green oasis set in the middle of a metropolitan area can also boast stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. And if acres of lush grassland isn't enough, the park is also home to the Liberty Science Center and the country’s largest IMAX dome theatre.

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You will find a diverse, beautiful selection of homes.

Although developers are breaking new ground across the neighborhood, Bergen-Lafayette has a vast selection of stunning period properties. The area is home to some of the most beautiful row houses in the whole of New Jersey. So lovely are the 19th-century Victorian row houses that the area received an offer to become a historic district in 1991. Many old commercial and industrial spaces—such as Library Hall, Ficken’s Warehouse and The Foundry—have now been renovated into trendy and luxurious apartments and condos.


NYC is a bus, boat or PATH ride away.

Bergen-Lafayette boasts several light rail stations that make getting to Jersey City and ultimately across the Hudson, incredibly simple. Exchange Place and Journal Square are only short bus rides away, allowing residents to get anywhere in Manhattan reasonably quickly. Or, if you’d rather grab the ferry, the trip from Paulus Hook to Pier 11 is a mere nine minutes.


Residents prefer eating quality over quantity.

Unlike some other New Jersey neighborhoods, you won’t find a cafe or restaurant on every corner of Bergen-Lafayette. But you will find a handful of exceptional restaurants to choose from. Hooked JC, The Oak on Pine and The Factory top the list, each serving up classic American fare at affordable prices. 

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