Top 5 Fall Interior Design Tips

Autumn in New York is stunningly beautiful. Falling leaves turn Central Park into a patchwork of vivid reds and yellows while early morning frost dusts Brooklyn pavements like icing on a cake. You can be forgiven for wanting to take some of fall’s beauty into your home. While trampling in mud and dead leaves is certainly an option, a much better idea is to be inspired by fall interior design and infuse your home with autumnal beauty. Here are five fall interior design tips to get you started.


Hang heavier curtains and drapes

While fall is full of beauty, strong winds and dropping temperatures can mean that it’s not the most comfortable of seasons to live through. Keep your home as warm as possible by swapping out lighter drapes for heavier curtains. Choose deep reds and golds to compliment the season and transition your home away from summer and towards the festive months.


Bring fall inside with flowers

What better way to add a touch of fall to your home than by bringing nature inside? Fresh flowers and homemade wreaths are an excellent way to welcome the colder months. Sunflowers are a great choice, as well as alstroemeria and magnolias. But remember to change them out every week or so. Just because leaves are dying outside doesn’t mean you have to display dead flowers inside your home.


Enrich your home with wood

Create a rich, earthy feel by bringing more natural wood into your home. An easy way to do this without changing any of the furniture is to stockpile wood by your fireplace. For those that want to go all out, however, consider purchasing mahogany or oak tables and bookcases that can add to the ambiance and become a part of your home for decades to come.


Devote a space for solitude

Fall is a time for self-reflection ahead of the crazy commercial festive period. Do away with your digital devices and dedicate a cozy part of your home for peace and quiet. If you are short of space, the bedroom is a great place to start. Cleanse this space of anything digital and replace your devices with natural ornaments—wreaths, flowers and linens.


Create texture and comfort with throws

Few things are better than snuggling up with a loved one in front of a fire on a cold fall night. Make sure you don’t have to look far for a blanket by littering your home with thick, woven throws that can add texture and color, as well as comfort, as the mercury falls and the long nights draw in.

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